Last week we asked our readers to tell us what aspect of the increasingly nasty world of arts and entertainment bugged them the most. They responded. In some cases, quite nastily.

To publish a box of coping strategies alongside your series of articles about the Neo-Nasty age in which we live, presupposes that your readership is comprised of victims and not perpetrators.

The "them versus me" mind-set can only serve to perpetuate the fractured sense of community that the articles pointed out is at the root of the current social evil.

Instead of "How to Cope," what about "How to Remedy?"

A few suggestions:

Don't honk your horn in traffic.

Let someone with only a few items in front of you in line at the supermarket.

Treat telephone operators like human beings.

Or to borrow from Aldous Huxley's address to an expectant lecture audience in Vienna, "Today, I'd like to ask you to simply be a little kinder to one another."



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