Supreme Court's Ruling on Teaching of Creationism

I found your editorial tremendously amusing. I laughed when I read your argument that creationists "have repeatedly tried to prevent schools from teaching facts instead of myths." Since when is evolution "fact"?

As far as I know, it's a theory, still being proved. And can't you see the humor in your statement that "scientific ideas can be tested" regarding evolution? Tell me that in another million years and perhaps I'll have to believe you.

Personally, I don't have any strong opinion about how we got here. The biblical account of creation leaves room for evolution. Whether God formed man and woman like a potter works clay, or decided monkeys were a better bet doesn't matter. You still have to go back to the Very Beginning. (I've studied enough astronomy to wish the scientists good luck on that one.)

In any case, don't tell me creationism is narrow-minded "dogma." Your editorial proves narrow-mindedness is not limited to religious fanatics.

It's really our school children who are suffering in this ridiculous argument: banning any ideas from school is dangerous.



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