Stolen Purses

I read the horror letter from Elliott Full, "Trouble in Naples" (June 7), and the many previous letters about stolen purses in Italy and many other locations. Women as well as men should adequately protect their money, credit cards, traveler's checks and especially passports. Never do I carry these items in my purse.

I copied a money carrier made by a friend. It is a simple, lightweight fleece rectangular envelope, 9x6 inches, fastened with Velcro, with a long strap that loops over my shoulder and fastens to my bra strap. The envelope is carried under my skirt or pants. It is large enough to contain airline tickets.

Only a small amount of local cash is carried in my purse, along with makeup, sunglasses, etc. My husband wears a money belt. These protections are used whenever we are in crowded cities such as New York, Boston, etc., as well as in foreign locations.



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