New Little Big Man Has ‘Em Figuring


Tyrone (Muggsy) Bogues stands 5-3. Earvin (Magic) Johnson stands 6-9. When the Lakers play the Washington Bullets, what’s going to happen if Muggsy tries to guard Magic?

When Gary Pomerantz of the Washington Post put the question to Bogues, he said: “You could say it the other way--how is it going to work for Magic, guarding me?”

It doesn’t seem likely they’ll be matched against each other, although announcer Billy Packer is intrigued by the possibility.


He told USA Today: “I may be all wet on this, but if I were the Bullets, I’d take a gamble early and put Bogues on Johnson. I don’t think Magic can get the ball on the dribble up the court against Muggsy.”

Add Bogues: Maryland Coach Bob Wade, who coached Bogues at Dunbar High School in Baltimore, recalled a game at Camden, N.J., when Bogues was a junior. Camden, a nationally ranked power, was led by Billy Thompson, later of the University of Louisville and the Lakers.

“Tyrone just ignited the place,” Wade said. “He had the crowd going crazy. Camden was famous for their full-court pressure, but they couldn’t pressure him. Tyrone finished with about 14 points and 16 assists. I think he had about 8 steals, too. We won by 29, and we were up by 30 at the half.”

Just Asking: Could it be that Jimmy Connors is playing the ol’ geezer routine at Wimbledon strictly as a psychological ploy? He may be 34, but his wins over Slobodan Zivojinovic and Mikael Pernfors came as no surprise to the people who made the seedings. Connors was seeded No. 7. Zivojinovic and Pernfors both were unseeded.

Trivia Time: Who is the only man to pitch against the Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves and Atlanta Braves? (Answer below.)

24 Years Ago Today: On July 2, 1963, in a classic matchup of future Hall of Famers, Juan Marichal and the San Francisco Giants beat Warren Spahn and the Milwaukee Braves, 1-0, on a home run by Willie Mays off the 42-year-old Spahn.


Former USC golf Coach Stan Wood, whose pupils included Scott Simpson, Craig Stadler, Al Geiberger and Dave Stockton, all winners of major tournaments, told the Daily News he’s lost 50 pounds.

Comparing his new waistline to that of JoAnne Carner, who has lost 45 pounds, Wood said: “Do you realize that between us, we’ve lost Laura Baugh?”

The Prophet: On June 9, when Detroit’s Alan Trammell was leading the American League in batting at .357, followed by Boston’s Wade Boggs at .348, Tiger Manager Sparky Anderson, predicting Boggs would reclaim the lead, said: “He lets people borrow it for a few days now and then just to let them know what it feels like.”

At the end of the month, Boggs was leading at .391. Trammell was third at .350. In June, Boggs hit .485.

Trivia Answer: Robin Roberts.


Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, on his plans for the summer: “I think I’m going to lift some weights for the first time. I’ve never believed in that. I was always afraid it would cut down on my speed. Joke.”