Cuomo Judges Bork Unfit for Supreme Court

United Press International

Gov. Mario Cuomo today told the NAACP that “we may be about to turn back the clock” on the civil rights struggle, in a reference to President Reagan’s nomination of Judge Robert H. Bork for the Supreme Court.

After his address, Cuomo told reporters that Bork is not qualified to be a Supreme Court justice because he has “made up his mind” on a series of issues such as affirmative action and abortion before hearing any arguments that might come before the court.

“Judges don’t do that,” Cuomo said.

In his speech at the annual convention of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People, Cuomo also said the Reagan Administration has turned its back on the nation’s poor and said the hungry are dismissed as “people in search of a free lunch.”


The New York governor said: “There is a stark, stunning relationship between race and economic status. One of four American children under 6 is growing up in poverty. For black children, it is one out of every two.

“America ranks first in the world in defense spending and 14th in keeping infants alive.”

“How can you say no to the children and yes to all those missiles?” Cuomo asked.