North Sure to Be Convicted, John Dean Says

United Press International

Lt. Col. Oliver L. North faces certain conviction for his role in the Iran- contra scandal, a debacle that makes Watergate look like a “Little League” affair, key Watergate witness John W. Dean III writes in Newsweek magazine.

In an essay for the July 20 issue, Dean said he would be surprised if North and others escape the justice system, because Washington juries are predisposed against “big shots who have been in government.”

Dean, who was President Richard M. Nixon’s White House counsel, said North, the Marine at the heart of the current scandal, is a “marked man” likely to be indicted for conspiracy to defraud the government and for obstruction of justice.


Dean also contended that the Iran-contra scandal is more serious than Watergate.

“The Iran-contra inquiries involve matters of national security,” he wrote. “Watergate, on the other hand, involved the political security of Richard Nixon. These are Major League matters versus Little League.”