Mild Weather to Continue, but Inland Thunderstorms Possible

Times Staff Writer

The rest of the country may be sweltering in 90-degree-plus temperatures, but San Diego County will be blessed with “mild” temperatures and the oh-so-typical night and morning low clouds this weekend, the National Weather Service said.

The only change in sight is a chance of thunderstorms in the mountains and deserts by Sunday as Tropical Storm Eugene moves in from Mexico, forecaster Wilbur Shigehara said.

“Eugene might cause some trouble by Sunday,” Shigehara said. “It is currently just southwest of Acapulco and is increasing in strength as it moves up the coast. There’s about a 30% to 40% chance our mountains and deserts will get thunderstorms by Sunday, and we might, just might, see some spilling into the San Diego area.”


Increasing Humidity

The subtropical condition moving in Sunday will also mean an increase in humidity, he said. Humidity in the mountain and desert areas will increase almost 20% by Sunday. Humidity at Lindbergh Field is expected to reach 70% to 75% Sunday afternoon.

Though the humidity may be rising, temperatures will continue to be unusually low, Shigehara said. The high at Lindbergh Field reached 72 Thursday, 3 degrees lower than the average for a July 23, Shigehara said.

“This is pretty unusual weather for late July,” he said. “The high temperature at the airport has not reached the normal for the date since July 1, and a lot of people are calling and asking us when summer is really going to start.”

For the weekend, beaches will be partly cloudy this afternoon, and more afternoon clearing is expected Saturday and Sunday, Shigehara said. High temperatures will range from 69 to 74 today through the weekend, and overnight lows will be from 58 to 63 all three days.

Surf will average 2 to 4 feet, and the ocean temperature will be near 66.

Inland areas will have night and morning clouds, clearing to sunshine by mid- to late morning today and Saturday, with a chance of increasing clouds Sunday as the subtropical condition moves in. Highs will be from 75 to 83 today through Sunday. Lows will be between 52 and 60 all three days.

Mountain highs will range from 74 to 82 today and Saturday, increasing a couple of degrees Sunday as the subtropical condition moves in. Overnight lows will be from 42 to 50 all three days.

Desert highs will be 100 to 108 today and Saturday, nudging up to between 103 and 110 Sunday, with lows in the 60s through Sunday.