FOOTBALL : 49ers’ Bregel Gives Money to Hospital, USC and Old Neighborhood

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Weekend Digest was compiled by Steve Elling

Jeff Bregel spent five long years in the trenches at USC, preceded by four years of similar toil at Kennedy High. As a reward, Bregel, an All-American offensive lineman, was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the second round of the National Football League draft in April.

Bregel, 23, signed a two-year contract worth a reported $550,000 on Monday.

Some guys might go out and blow a few grand on a fast car and a bit more currency on some not-so-fast food. Bregel, however, immediately announced his intention to distribute some of his new-found wealth to his old neighborhood.

For each 49er victory this season, Bregel will give $200 to the Shriners hospitals. He also said he would donate money to the scholarship fund at USC and is looking into the possibility of starting a fund for outstanding scholar-athletes at Kennedy.


“It sounds corny, but I think that I benefited from people for a long time,” Bregel said. “It’s time to give a little something back.”

Bregel, 6-4, 280, said his agent, Leigh Steinberg, encourages clients to contribute to their communities.

“Steinberg’s always been involved with charity,” Bregel said. “I think it’s a good concept. Hey, these are my roots. I’m just glad to be in a position to help.”