More in Fairbanks

The article on Fairbanks, Alaska, by Jim Leveque July 12 appeared the day my wife and I returned from a two-week trip to Alaska. We were disappointed that three of our highlights from Fairbanks were missing in the article. No visitor to Fairbanks should miss the Alaska State Museum at the University of Alaska. Displays include prehistoric Alaska and the five major native Alaskan culture areas. To become acquainted with the city's history, take a free guided walking tour offered by the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau. Our guide was very knowledgeable in explaining the significance of major downtown sites.

Last, our best meal in Alaska was at the Pump House Restaurant and Saloon on Chena Pump Road. It is a National Historic Site, built 1931-33 by the Fairbanks Exploration Co. to pump water from Chena River to dredging operations at Cripple Creek. The terrace overlooks the beautiful Chena River.


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