'Israel: Economic Ward of U.S.'

The article on U.S. aid to Israel accurately concluded that most Americans are unaware of the magnitude of such aid. I would also add that if the use of this aid became widely known and understood, support for it would diminish.

The original intent of aid to Israel was to bolster its defensive capabilities. That has been achieved many times over. Israel is now more than capable of defending itself. So one might ask, what is the purpose of this open-ended commitment and when will it end?

American tax dollars are being used by Israel for the following purposes:

1. To develop the offensive military strength that allows it to dictate its will on the people around it. The invasion of Lebanon is a good example.

2. To finance the continuing occupation of Arab lands, an occupation that denies the Palestinians the right held so dearly by Americans, the right to self-determination.

3. To stockpile atomic weapons. To do this in a region where beliefs are held so rigidly and the chance of conflict is so high will make atomic war in that region almost a certainty.

4. To improve the standard of living for Israelis, a standard which is almost comparable to that of Europe. To use U.S. tax dollars to do this at a time when there are people in the world, including here in the U.S., who are lacking the basic necessities of life is morally questionable.

To continue with this open-ended commitment we are indirectly responsible for Israeli actions made possible by this largess.


Laguna Hills

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