Ted Sherdeman; Wrote Scripts for Popular TV Shows

Ted Sherdeman, a former radio writer who came to write for some of the most popular television series of the 1950s and ‘60s, died Saturday in a Santa Ana convalescent home.

The veteran scenarist was 77.

His daughter Stephaney said her father had ventured into radio as a producer in the 1930s but turned to writing because of what he felt was the inferior material he was putting on the air.

He came to Hollywood and wrote such films as “The Eddie Cantor Story,” “Away All Boats,” “St. Louis Blues,” “A Dog of Flanders” and “Misty.”


For television, he contributed many episodes to the “Wagon Train,” “Hazel,” My Favorite Martian,” “Flying Nun” and “Bewitched” series.

In addition to his daughter he is survived by a granddaughter.