‘National Cookie Day’ Could Be Blue Chip Event


Blue Chip Cookies, a smallish company out of San Francisco, is cooking up an unusual way to promote what has become almost commonplace among snack fiends.

Now that soft-cookie retailers can be found in every mall and on nearly every other street corner, President Matt Nader thinks it’s time the cookie had its very own day.

“It’s just like having National Secretaries Day,” said Nader, who has built the $7-million company on the recipes of his wife, Lori. “It will just be a fun thing to do.”


An exact date hasn’t been picked out yet, but Nader figures that sometime during the holidays would be ideal “because that’s when people indulge.”

Nader said he wants to ask his many rivals in the highly competitive business to chip in with the promotion of the untried National Cookie Day. “We’re drafting some letters to send out,” he said.

But a little cooperation apparently goes a long way. Nader plans to heat up the rivalry in Los Angeles by adding six company-owned stores during the next six months. Blue Chip, which has 35 company and franchised stores in eight states, currently has four stores in Los Angeles.