Colorado Defies Odds, Then Forgets to Duck


It's still a tossup over who's going to win more games this year: No. 1 Texas or No. 17 Southern Methodist. But the real comedown-of-the-week honors went to No. 3 Colorado, the only 17 1/2-point favorite to lose.

Meanwhile, No. 18 Cal, where the students are said to be bright, was penalized for over-celebrating after a late, go-ahead touchdown against San Jose State. Forced to kick off from their 20, the Bears then gave up a field goal to flunk, 25-27.

Elsewhere, No. 11 UCLA took time off from its busy Pacific Coast Athletic Assn. schedule to succumb to Nebraska.

And No. 4 Michigan Coach Bo Schembechler already seems to be at Rose Bowl-performance level.

The Rankings:

Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. Texas (0-2) 17-22, BYU In therapy 2. USC (0-1) Idle Boston College 3. Colorado (0-1) 7-10, Oregon Stanford 4. Michigan (0-1) 7-26, Notre Dame Wash.State 5. Arizona (0-1) 14-15, Iowa New Mexico 6. Purdue (0-1) 10-28, Wash. Louisville 7. Illinois (0-2) 7-21, Ariz. State E. Carolina 8. Stanford (0-1) Idle Colorado 9. (Tie) Kansas 0-49, Auburn Kent State 10.* Auburn (2-0) Def. Kansas, 49-0 Idle

11. UCLA (1-1); 12.-16. Pentagon (1-5) (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Ft. Hays State); 17. SMU (0-0); 18. Cal (1-1); 19. Idle; 20. Penn State (1-1).

*Auburn Coach Pat Dye said after the game: "I don't think we're that much better than Kansas."

ROUT OF THE WEEK: Boston College (2-0) over USC (0-1).

CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Stanford (0-1) vs. Colorado (0-1).

HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL: The Calabasas-Moorpark game was temporarily halted Friday night when a gopher (not the Minnesota type) ran out on the field and eluded several tacklers, including one coach trying to scoop it up with a cup.

BRAIN BOWL GIVEAWAY: Academically minded Carnegie Mellon is handing out computer diskettes to the first 300 persons who show up to see its game against Case Western Reserve University. Case Western is favored by 10 IQ points.

WHAT WOULD YOU TAKE IN TRADE FOR AN 0-2 TEAM?: Cal State Disneyland's scheduled afternoon game against Cal State Queen Mary in Santa Ana Stadium had to be shifted to Saturday night because a swap meet had been scheduled at the earlier time.

THE PROS Here it is, midseason already, and the Rams are still winless. Even Coach John Robinson declared that their 16-20 loss to previously hopeless Houston was "the worst performance of any team I've ever coached." The good news for the Rams is that the NFL is playing only a two-game season since a strike seems inevitable next week.

That is, unless the owners follow through on their threat that, in the event of a walkout, they'll stage "The NFL Part II--The Stiffs!" and give fans a chance to see players who were previously cut, retired or, sadder yet, given broadcasting jobs.

Whatever, there are smiles for the moment in the Evil Inland Empire, where the Raiders began the post-Rusty Hilger era on a winning note against No. 8 Green Bay in a game broadcast by the team's new Irwindale radio station--KPIT.

The Rankings:

Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. Rams (0-1) 16-20, Houston Minnesota 2. Dallas (0-1) 13-24, St. Louis N.J. Giants 3. N.J. Giants (0-1) 19-34, Chicago Dallas 4. San Francisco (0-1) 17-30, Pitt Cincy 5. Miami (0-1) 21-28, N.England Indianapolis

6. Seattle (0-1); 7. San Diego (0-1); 8. Bay (Green) (0-1); 9. Cleveland (0-1); 10. McEnroe ($%&!$!).

CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Dallas (0-1) vs. N.J. Giants (0-1).

SPECIAL CITATION: Philadelphia faked a punt and completed a 36-yard pass, but the play was nullified when officials penalized the Eagles 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct--because the receiver, William Frizzell, had hidden on the sideline behind an official before the play.

THE SUSPENSE BUILDS: If the NFL goes on strike, will Bo Jackson have to find a new hobby?

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