Hurricane Emily Injures 16 in Tear Across Bermuda

Associated Press

Hurricane Emily blew boats out of the water, flipped cars and tore off roofs Friday, injuring at least 16 people with its gusts of up to 112 m.p.h. as it raced across Bermuda and into the Atlantic.

Forecasters were stunned that Emily gained strength even as it picked up forward speed.

No deaths or serious injuries were reported, said Bryan Darby, Bermuda government spokesman.

“We’ve been very lucky,” Darby said. “It was a swift, sharp punch.”

Power was cut off over about 90% of the island, but by early afternoon workers had restored electricity to Hamilton. Darby said he expected the entire island to be back on full power within a day.


Authorities received 230 reports of torn roofs, lost boats, uprooted trees and other damage.

The cruise ship Atlantic, with about 700 passengers aboard, slipped its mooring in the strong winds and had to be towed back to dock, Darby said. The liner’s bow was slightly damaged when it bumped into the dock, but the ship left Friday afternoon on its way back to New York City, said government spokeswoman Valerie Smith.

Three cars in downtown Hamilton flipped over. Strong winds lifted boats out of the water and deposited them on roads and the Hamilton wharf, Darby said.