The 400 Richest People

Associated Press

Here is the Forbes magazine 1987 list of the 400 richest Americans in descending order of wealth, showing estimated fortune in millions, residence, source of wealth, age and industry.

The industry codes are: MF, manufacturing; R, retail; M, media; T, high technology; AG, agriculture; OG, oil and gas; F, financial operations; RE, real estate; EC, engineering and construction; S, services.

1--Walton, Sam Moore, $8,500, Bentonville, Ark., Wal-Mart Stores, 69, R

2--Kluge, John Werner, 3,000, Charlottesville, Va., Metromedia, 73, M


3--Perot, Henry Ross, 2,900, Dallas, electronic data management, 57, T

4--Packard, David, 2,870, Los Altos Hills, Calif., Hewlett-Packard, 75, T

5--Newhouse, Samuel Irving Jr., 2,350, New York, publishing, 59, M

6--Newhouse, Donald Edward, 2,350, New York, publishing, 58, M

7--Crown, Lester, 2,100, Chicago, Inheritance, industrialist, 62, MF

8--Murdoch, Keith Rupert, 2,100, New York, publishing, 56, M

9--Buffett, Warren Edward, 2,100, Omaha, Stock market, 57, F

10--Wexner, Leslie Herbert, 2,100, Columbus, Ohio, the Limited Inc., 50, R


11--Pritzker, Robert Alan, 1,900, Chicago, financier, 61, F

12--Pritzker, Jay Arthur, 1,900, Chicago, financier, 65, F

13--Bronfman, Edgar Miles, 1,800, New York, Seagram Co., 58, MF

14--Chambers, Anne Cox, 1,800, Atlanta, inheritance (Cox Enterprises), 67, M


15--Anthony, Barbara Cox, 1,800, Honolulu, inheritance (Cox Enterprises), 64, M

16--Arison, Ted, 1,800, Miami Beach, cruise ships, banking, 63, S

17--Taubman, Adolph Alfred, 1,500, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., real estate, art, 62, RE

18--Hillman, Henry Lea, 1,500, Pittsburgh, industrialist, 68, F


19--Davis, Marvin Harold, 1,450, Denver, oil, entertainment, real estate, 62, OG

20--Hewlett, William Redington, 1,450, Portola Valley, Calif., Hewlett-Packard, 74, T

21--Helmsley, Harry Brakmann, 1,400, New York, real estate, 78, RE

22--Anschutz, Philip Frederick, 1,350, Denver, oil, investments, 47, OG


23--Busch, August Anheuser Jr., 1,300, St. Louis, Anheuser-Busch, 88, MF

24--Dorrance, John Thompson Jr., 1,300, Gladwyne, Pa., inheritance (Campbell Soup), 68, MF

25--Petrie, Milton Jack, 1,300, New York, Petrie Stores, 85, R

26--Kauffman, Ewing Marion, 1,300, Mission Hills, Kan., Marion Laboratories, 71, MF


27--Hunt, Ray Lee, 1,300, Dallas, inheritance, oil, real estate, 44, OG

28--DeBartolo, Edward John, 1,250, Youngstown, Ohio, shopping centers, 69, RE

29--Gates, William Henry III, 1,250, Seattle, Microsoft, 31, T

30--Bren, Donald Leroy, 1,250, Newport Beach, real estate, 55, RE


31--LeFrak, Samuel Jayson, 1,200, New York, real estate, 69, RE

32--Bass, Robert Muse, 1,200, Fort Worth, oil, investments, 39, F

33--Gaylord, Edward Lewis, 1,150, Oklahoma City, broadcasting, publishing, 68, M

34--Mars, Forrest Edward Sr., 1,150, Las Vegas, candy, 83, MF


35--Mars, Forrest Edward Jr., 1,150, McLean, Va., candy, 56, MF

36--Mars, John Franklyn, 1,150, Arlington, Va., candy, 53, MF

37--Vogel, Jacqueline Mars, 1,150, Bedminster, N.J., candy, 48, MF

38--Simmons, Harold Clark, 1,150, Dallas, investments, 56, F


39--Goldman, Sol, 1,100, New York, real estate, 70, RE

40--Hill, Margaret Hunt, 1,100, Dallas, inheritance (oil), 72, OG

41--Bass, Sid Richardson, 1,100, Fort Worth, oil, investments, 44, F

42--Bass, Lee Marshall, 1,100, Fort Worth, oil, investments, 31, F


43--Tisch, Preston Robert, 1,000, New York, Loews Corp., 61, F

44--Tisch, Laurence Allan, 1,000, New York, Loews Corp., 64, F

45--Rockefeller, David, 1,000, New York, inheritance, banking, real estate, 72, F

46--Stern, Leonard Norman, 1,000, New York, pet supplies, real estate, 49, MF


47--Lindner, Carl Henry II, 1,000, Cincinnati, insurance, banking, 68, F

48--Milliken, Roger, 1,000, Spartanburg, S.C., textiles, 71, MF

49--Kroc, Joan Beverly, 1,000, La Jolla, inheritance (McDonalds), 59, R

50--Ziff, William Bernard Jr., 975, Manalapan, Fla., publishing, 57, M


51--Kerkorian, Kirk, 950, Los Angeles, investments, 70, F

52--Rockefeller, Laurance Spelman, 900, New York, inheritance, investments, 77, F

53--Ford, William Clay, 900, Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich., inheritance (Ford Motor Co.), 62, MF

54--Ford, Josephine Clay, 475, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., inheritance (Ford Motor Co.), 64,MF


55--Hunt, Caroline Rose, 900, Dallas, inheritance, oil, real estate, 64, OG

56--Cooke, Jack Kent, 900, Middleburg, Va., real estate, investments, 74, RE

57--Cook, Jane Bancroft, 900, Cohasset, Mass., inheritance (Dow Jones), 75, M

58--Duke, Doris, 875, Somerville, N.J., inheritance, 74, MF


59--Graham, Katharine, 850, Washington, D.C., Washington Post Co., 70, M

60--Mellon, Paul, 850, Upperville, Va., inheritance, 80, F

61--Koch, David Hamilton, 850, New York, inheritance, oil services, 47, OG

62--Koch, Charles de Ganahl, 850, Wichita, Kan., inheritance, oil services, 51, OG


63--Trump, Donald John, 850, New York, real estate, 41, RE

64--Rollins, Orville Wayne, 815, Atlanta, entrepreneur, 75, M

65--Hobby, Oveta Culp, 800, Houston, media, 82, M

66--Murdock, David Howard, 800, Bel Air, real estate, investments, 64, F


67--Weinberg, Harry, 800, Honolulu, real estate, securities, 79, RE

68--Rich, Marc, 750, Zug, Switzerland, commodities trader, 53, F

69--Green, Pincus, 750, Zug, Switzerland, commodities trader, 53, F

70--Crow, Fred Trammell, 750, Dallas, real estate, 73, RE


71--Rockefeller, Winthrop Paul, 750, Winrock Farm, Ark., inheritance, 39, OG

72--Simon, Norton Winfred, 750, Los Angeles, industrialist, art, 80, F

73--Magness, Bob John, 740, Englewood, Colo., cable TV, 63, M

74--Wang, An, 725, Lincoln, Mass., Wang Laboratories, 67, T


75--Bass, Edward Perry, 725, Fort Worth, Oil, investments, 42, F

76--Fribourg, Michel, 700, New York, grain trader, 74, F

77--Rudin, Lewis, 700, New York, real estate, 60, RE

78--Rudin, Jack, 700, New York, real estate, 63, RE


79--Reynolds, Donald Worthington, 700, Las Vegas, publishing, 81, M

80--Steinberg, Saul Phillip, 660, New York, financier, 48, F

81--Milliken, Minot King, 650, New York, textiles, 71, MF

82--Milliken, Gerrish Hill, 650, Greenwich, Conn., textiles, 70, MF


83--Harbert, John Murdoch III, 650, Birmingham, Ala., construction, 65, EC

84--Annenberg, Walter Hubert, 650, Wynnewood, Pa., publishing, 79, M

85--Pulliam, Eugene Smith, 650, Indianapolis, newspapers, 73, M

86--Carlson, Curtis Leroy, 640, Minneapolis, entrepreneur, 73, R


87--Allen, Paul Gardner, 640, Bellevue, Wash., Microsoft, 34, T

88--Hess, Leon, 625, New York, Amerada Hess Corp., 73, OG

89--Weis, Robert Freeman, 510, Sunbury, Pa., Weis Markets Inc., 68, R

90--Weis, Sigfried, 620, Lewisburg, Pa., Weis Markets Inc., 71, R


91--Singleton, Henry Earl, 615, Los Angeles, Teledyne, 70, T

92--Milken, Michael Robert, 600, Encino, Financier, 41, F

93--Johnson, Samuel Curtis, 600, Racine, Wis., Johnson Wax, 59, MF

94--Dedman, Robert Henry, 600, Dallas, Country clubs, 61, RE


95--Galvin, Robert William, 600, Barrington Hills, Ill., Motorola, 65, MF

96--Caruth, William Walter Jr., 600, Dallas, real estate, 75, RE

97--Bright, Harvey Roberts “Bum”, 600, Dallas, oil, real estate, banks, 67, OG

98--Johnson, Edward Crosby III, 600, Boston, investment management, 57, F


99--Speer, Roy Merrill, 600, Clearwater, Fla., Home Shopping Network, 55, M

100--Paxson, Lowell W., 385, Clearwater, Fla., Home Shopping Network, 52, M

101--Allbritton, Joe Lewis, 575, Houston, media, banking, 62, M

102--Fisher, Donald George, 575, San Francisco, the Gap, 59, MF


103--Disney, Roy Edward, 550, Los Angeles, Walt Disney Productions, 57, M

104--Pohlad, Carl Ray, 550, Minneapolis, MEI Corp, banks, 72, F

105--Dolan, Charles Francis, 550, Oyster Bay, N.Y., cable television, 61, M

106--Copley, Helen Kinney, 550, La Jolla, publishing, 64, M


107--Scaife, Richard Mellon, 550, Shadyside, Pa., inheritance, publishing, 55, F

108--Hall, Donald Joyce, 550, Mission Hills, Kan., Hallmark Cards, 59, MF

109--Marshall, Barbara Hall, 275, Kansas City, Mo., inheritance (Hallmark Cards), 64, MF

110--Reid, Elizabeth Ann, 275, Denton, Tex., inheritance (Hallmark Cards), 66, MF


111--Koch, William Ingraham, 550, Boston, inheritance (oil services), 47, OG

112--Koch, Frederick Robinson, 375, New York, inheritance (oil services), 53, OG

113--Dyson, Charles Henry, 550, New York, conglomerator, 78, F

114--Park, Roy Hampton, 550, Ithaca, N.Y., Park Communications, 77, M


115--Moore, Jerry J., 550, Houston, Shopping centers, 59, RE

116--Redstone, Sumner Murray, 535, Newton Centre, Mass., movie theaters, investments, 64, M

117--Manoogian, Richard Alexander, 530, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., Masco, 51, MF

118--Manoogian, Alex, 250, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., Masco, 86, MF


119--Thorne, Oakleigh Blakeman, 530, Millbrook, N.Y., Commerce Clearing House, 55, M

120--Icahn, Carl Celian, 525, Westchester County, N.Y., financier, 51, F

121--Stephens, Wilton Robert, 500, Little Rock, Ark., investment banking, oil, gas, 79, F

122--Stephens, Jackson Thomas, 500, Little Rock, Ark., investment banking, oil, gas, 65, F


123--Hearst, William Randolph Jr., 500, New York, inheritance, media, 79, M

124--Hearst, Randolph Apperson, 500, Hillsborough, Calif., inheritance, media, 71, M

125--Hearst, Hope Chandler, 500, Beverly Hills, inheritance, media, 66, M

126--Hearst, George Randolph Jr., 250, Los Angeles, inheritance, media, 60, M


127--Cooke, Phoebe Hearst, 250, Woodside, Calif., inheritance, media, 60, M

128--Collier, Miles Carnes, 500, Naples, Fla., inheritance, investments, 40, RE

129--Ludwig, Daniel Keith, 500, New York, shipping, real estate, 90, S

130--Paulucci, Luigino Francesco, 500, Duluth, Minn., food processing, real estate, 69, R


131--Lupton, John Thomas, 500, Chattanooga, Tenn., Coca-Cola bottler, 61, MF

132--Davenport, Elizabeth Lupton, 300, Lookout Mountain, Tenn., Coca-Cola bottler, 54, MF

133--Simon, Melvin, 500, Indianapolis, shopping centers, 60, RE

134--Simon, Herbert, 250, Indianapolis, shopping centers, 52, RE


135--Blaustein, Morton K., 500, Baltimore, inheritance (oil), 60, OG

136--Rosenberg, Ruth Blaustein, 250, Baltimore, inheritance (oil), 88, OG

137--Thalheimer, Louis, 250, Baltimore, inheritance (oil), 43, OG

138--Perdue, Franklin Parsons, 500, Salisbury, Md., chickens, 67, AG


139--Smith, Richard Alan, 500, Chestnut Hill, Mass., General Cinema Corp., 63, M

140--Ward, Louis Larrick, 500, Kansas City, Mo., Russell Stover Candies Inc., 67, MF

141--Moody, Robert Lee, 500, Galveston, Tex., American National Insurance, 52, F

142--Spanos, Alexander Gus, 500, Stockton, real estate, 64.


143--Naify, Robert Allen, 500, San Francisco, movie theatres, cable TV, 65, M

144--Naify, Marshall, 500, San Francisco, movie theatres, cable TV, 67, M

145--Haas, Fritz Otto, 500, Ambler, Pa., Rohm & Haas, 71, MF

146--Haas, John Charles, 500, Villanova, Pa., Rohm & Haas, 68, MF


147--Forbes, Malcolm Stevenson, wealth not listed, Far Hills, N.J., publishing, real estate, art, 68, M

148--Belfer, Arthur Bejer, 490, New York, oil, real estate, 80, OG

149--Olsen, Kenneth Harry, 490, Lincoln, Mass., Digital Equipment Corp., 61, T

150--Kelly, William Russell, 490, Troy, Mich., Kelly Services, 82, S


151--Sorenson, James LeVoy, 480, Salt Lake City, medical devices, 66, T

152--Skaggs, Leonard Samuel Jr., 480, Salt Lake City, American Stores, 64, R

153--Mitchell, George Phydias, 470, Houston, oil, real estate, 68, OG

154--Markkula, Armas Clifford Jr., 470, Woodside, Calif., Apple Computer, 45, T


155--Moore, Gordon Earle, 465, Santa Clara County, Calif., Intel Corp, 58, T

156--Turner, Robert Edward (Ted) III, 465, Roswell, Ga., Turner Broadcasting System, 48, M

157--Paley, William S., 450, New York, CBS Inc., 86, M

158--Kalikow, Peter Stephen, 450, New York, real estate, 44, RE


159--Tauber, Laszlo Nandor, 450, Potomac, Md., real estate, 72, RE

160--Dixon, Fitz Eugene Jr., 450, Lafayette Hill, Pa., inheritance, 64, F

161--Solow, Sheldon Henry, 450, New York, real estate, 51, RE

162--Rich, Robert Sr., 450, Point Abino, Ontario, food products, 74, MF


163--Edson, John Orin, 450, Seattle, manufacturing, 54, MF

164--Cox, William Coburn Jr., 450, London, England, inheritance (Dow Jones), 56, M

165--MacElree, Jane Cox, 450, Newtown Square, Pa., inheritance (Dow Jones), 58, M

166--Johnson, Barbara Piasecka, 450, Princeton, N.J., inheritance, 50, MF


167--Sulzberger, Iphigene Ochs, 440, New York, New York Times, 95, M

168--Sulzberger, Arthur Ochs, 440, New York, New York Times, 61, M

169--Fireman, Paul, 435, Newton, Mass., Reebok, 43, MF

170--Lauder, Ronald Steven, 433, New York, cosmetics, 43, MF


171--Lauder, Leonard Alan, 433, New York, cosmetics, 54, MF

172--Lauder, Estee, 433, New York, cosmetics, 79, MF

173--Field, Marshall V, 425, Lake Forest, Ill., inheritance, real estate, media, 46, R

174--Field, Frederick Woodruff, 400, Beverly Hills, inheritance (media), 35, R


175--Gallo, Julio, 425, Modesto, wine, 77, MF

176--Gallo, Ernest, 425, Modesto, wine, 78, MF

177--Hubbard, Stanley Stub, 425, St. Mary’s Point, Minn., broadcasting, 54, M

178--Berrie, Russell, 420, Englewood, N.J., teddy bears, 54, MF


179--Louis, John Jeffry Jr., 410, Winnetka, Ill., inheritance (Johnson Wax), 62, MF

180--Gruss, Joseph S., 400, New York, oil, investments, 84, F

181--May, Cordelia Scaife, 400, Ligonier, Pa., inheritance, 59, F

182--Bluhm, Neil Gary, 400, Winnetka, Ill., real estate, 49, RE


183--Malkin, Judd David, 400, Winnetka, Ill., real estate, 49, RE

184--Jacobs, Jeremy Maurice, 400, East Aurora, N.Y., sports concessions, 48, R

185--Perenchio, Andrew Jerrold, 400, Bel Air, television, 56, M

186--Pennington, Claude B., 400, Baton Rouge, La., oil, gas, 86, OG


187--Simon, William Edward, 400, New Vernon, N.J., leveraged buyouts, 59, F

188--Fisher, Zachary, 400, New York, real estate, 77, RE

189--Fisher, Lawrence, 400, New York, real estate, 78, RE

190--Dittmer, Thomas Henry, 400, Lake Forest, Ill., commodities, 45, F


191--Kaskel, Howard, 400, New York, real estate, 50, RE

192--Rinker, Marshall Edison (Doc), 400, Palm Beach, Fla., cement, 82, MF

193--Tyson, Donald John, 400, Springdale, Ark., Tyson Foods, 57, AG

194--Tyson, Barbara, 325, Fayetteville, Ark., Tyson Foods, 38, AG


195--Batten, Frank, 400, Virginia Beach, Va., publishing, broadcasting, 60, M

196--Howard, Robert Staples, 400, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., publishing, 62, M

197--Cohn, Seymour, 400, New York, real estate, 76, RE

198--Resnick, Burt Paul, 400, Rye, N.Y., real estate, 50, RE


199--Davis, Shelby Cullom, 400, Tarrytown, N.Y., investment banking, 78, F

200--Walton, James Lawrence, 400, Bentonville, Ark., Wal-Mart Stores, 65, R

201--Bechtel, Stephen Davison Sr., 400, Oakland, engineering, construction, 87, E-C

202--Bechtel, Stephen Davison Jr., 400, San Francisco, engineering, contruction, 62, E-C


203--Bernhard, Arnold, 390, Westport, Conn., Value Line Inc., 85, M

204--Brown, Harold, 385, Boston, real estate, 62, RE

205--Heinz, Henry John III, 380, Fox Chapel, Pa., H. J. Heinz Co., 48, MF

206--Goodson, Mark, 375, New York, game shows, 72, M


207--Tramiel, Jack, 375, Zephyr Cove, Nev., Atari, 59, T

208--Silverstein, Larry Abraham, 375, New York, real estate, 56, RE

209--Meyer, August Christopher, 375, Champaign, Ill., broadcasting, 86, M

210--Wagner, Cyril Jr., 375, Midland, Tex., Oil, investments, 53, OG


211--Brown, Jack E., 375, Midland, Tex., oil, investments, 62, OG

212--Engelhard, Jane B., 365, Far Hills, N.J., inheritance, 69, MF

213--Albertson, Joseph Albert, 365, Boise, Ida., Albertson’s Inc., 81, R

214--Berry, John William Sr., 365, Dayton, Ohio, Yellow Pages, 65, M


215--Wexner, Bella, 365, Columbus, the Limited Inc., 73, R

216--Marriott, Richard Edwin, 350, Washington, D.C., inheritance (Marriott), 48, S

217--Marriott, John Willard Jr., 350, Washington, D.C., inheritance (Marriott), 55, S

218--Marriott, Alice Sheets, 350, Washington, D.C., inheritance (Marriott), 80, S


219--Duchossois, Richard Louis, 350, Barrington, Ill., manufacturing, media, 66, MF

220--Shorenstein, Walter Herbert, 350, San Francisco, real estate, 72, RE

221--Getty, Gordon Peter, 350, San Francisco, inheritance (oil), 53, OG

222--Lauren, Ralph, 350, New York, Apparel, 48, MF


223--Wien, Lawrence Arthur, 350, New York, real estate, law, 82, RE

224--Whitney, Betsey Cushing Roosevelt, 350, Manhasset, N.Y., inheritance, 79, F

225--Huffington, Roy Michael, 350, Houston, oil, 69, OG

226--Connell, Grover, 350, Westfield, N.J., Food, real estate, 69, AG


227--Morris, William Shivers III, 350, Augusta, Ga., newspapers, 53, M

228--Galbreath, Daniel Mauck, 350, Columbus, Ohio, real estate, 59, RE

229--Stahl, Stanley Irving, 350, New York, real estate, 63, RE

230--Parker, Jack, 350, New York, real estate, 72, RE


231--Frankino, Samuel Joseph, 350, Palm Beach, Fla., Agency Rent-A-Car, 63, S

232--Lurie, Robert Alfred, 350, San Francisco, inheritance, real estate, 58, RE

233--Comer, Gary Campbell, 350, Chicago, Lands’ End, 59, RE

234--Guccione, Robert Charles, 350, New York, publishing, 55, M


235--Zuckerman, Mortimer Benjamin, 350, New York, real estate, publishing, 50, RE

236--Snyder, Richard Wesley, 350, Dallas, General Cinema, 49, M

237--Kohlberg, Jerome Jr., 345, Mt. Kisco, N.Y., leveraged buyouts, 62, F

238--Kravis, Henry R., 345, New York, leveraged buyouts, 43, F


239--Roberts, George R., 345, San Francisco, leveraged buyouts, 44, F

240--Evans, Thomas Mellon, 340, New York, investments, 77, F

241--Jacobs, Richard E., 345, Lakewood, Ohio, shopping centers, 62, RE

242--Jacobs, David H., 345, Bay Village, Ohio, shopping centers, 66, RE


243--Wrigley, William, 345, Lake Geneva, Wis., Wrigley’s, 54, MF

244--Knight, Philip Hampson, 345, Hillsboro, Ore., Nike Inc., 49, MF

245--Fickling, William Arthur Jr., 340, Macon, Ga., Charter Medical Corp., 55, S

246--Cargill, James R., 330, Minneapolis, Inheritance (Cargill Inc.), 64, AG


247--Cargill, Margaret, 330, La Jolla, inheritance (Cargill Inc.), 67, AG

248--Knight, James Landon, 335, Bal Harbour, Fla., Knight-Ridder Newspapers, 78, M

249--Krehbiel, John Hammond Sr., 335, Downers Grove, Ill., Molex Inc., 81, MF

250--Zell, Samuel, 330, Chicago, real estate, investments, 45, RE


251--Lurie, Robert Harris, 330, Chicago, investments, real estate, 45, RE

252--Nichols, Miller, 325, Prairie Village, Kan., real estate, 76, RE

253--Price, Sol, 325, La Jolla, Price Co., 71, R

254--Binger, Virginia McKnight, 325, Wayzata, Minn., inheritance (3M), 71, MF


255--Borg, Malcolm Austin, 325, Englewood, N.J., publishing, broadcasting, 49, M

256--Petersen, Robert Einar, 325, Beverly Hills, Publishing, 60, M

257--Bennett, William Gordon, 325, Las Vegas, Nev., Circus Circus Enterprises, 62, S

258--Pennington, William Norman, 325, Reno, Nev., Circus Circus Enterprises, 63, S


259--Wasserman, Lewis Robert, 325, Beverly Hills, MCA Inc., 74, M

260--Taper, Sydney Mark, 320, Beverly Hills, First Charter Financial Corp., 85, F

261--McGovern, Patrick Joseph, 320, Nashua, N.H., publishing, 50, M

262--Fleischer, Ernest Melvin, 320, Kansas City, Mo., Franklin Savings Assn., 54, F


263--Nielsen, Arthur Charles Jr., 315, Winnetka, Ill., A. C. Nielsen Co., 68, M

264--Alexander, Norman E., 315, Scarsdale, N.Y., Sun Chemical, 73, MF

265--McCaw, Keith W., 315, Seattle, McCaw Communications, 34, M

266--McCaw, John Elroy Jr., 315, Seattle, McCaw Communications, 36, M


267--McCaw, Craig O., 315, Seattle, McCaw Communications, 38, M

268--McCaw, Bruce R., 315, Seattle, McCaw Communications, 41, M

269--Gottwald, Floyd Dewey Jr., 310, Richmond, Va., Ethyl Corp., 65, MF

270--Gottwald, Bruce Cobb, 310, Richmond, Va., Ethyl Corp., 54, MF


271--Alkek, Albert B., 310, Victoria, Tex., oil, 76, OG

272--Clapp, Norton, 300, Seattle, inheritance (Weyerhaeuser), real estate, 81, RE

273--Allen, Herbert Anthony, 300, New York, stock market, real estate, 46, F

274--Allen, Herbert, 300, New York, stock market, real estate, 79, F


275--Allen, Charles Jr., 300, New York, stock market, real estate, 84, F

276--Sarofim, Fayez Shalaby, 300, Houston, money mangement, 58, F

277--Koll, Donald Michael, 300, Newport Beach, Real estate, 54, RE

278--Durst, Seymour B., 300, New York, real estate, 74, RE


279--Durst, Royal H., 300, Westchester County, N.Y., real estate, 68, RE

280--Durst, David M., 300, Chappaqua, N.Y., real estate, 62, RE

281--du Pont, Alexis Felix Jr., 300, Wilmington, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 81, MF

282--Mills, Alice Francis du Pont, 300, Middleburg, Va., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 74, MF


283--du Pont, Helena Allaire Crozer, 300, Chesapeake City, Md., Inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 74, MF

284--Griffin, Mervyn Edward, 300, Beverly Hills, television, 62, M

285--Milstein, Seymour, 300, New York, real estate, 67, RE

286--Milstein, Paul, 300, New York, real estate, 65, RE


287--Mendik, Bernard H., 300, New York, real estate, 58, RE

288--Moncrief, William Alvin Jr., 300, Fort Worth, oil, 67, OG

289--von Platen, Ruth Chandler, 300, San Marino, Times Mirror Co, 89, M

290--Monaghan, Thomas Stephen, 300, Ann Arbor, Mich., pizza, 50, R


291--Hoiles, Harry Howard, 300, Santa Ana, newspapers, 71, M

292--Hardie, Mary Jane Hoiles, 300, Marysville, Calif., newspapers, 65, M

293--Perelman, Ronald Owen, 300, New York, leveraged buyouts, 44, F

294--Crain, Gertrude Ramsay, 300, Lake Forest, Ill., publishing, 76, M


295--Chase, David Theodore, 300, West Hartford, Conn., real estate, media, 59, RE

296--du Pont, Pierre Samuel III, 300, Rockland, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 76, MF

297--Pearson, Edith du Pont, 300, Montchanin, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 74, MF

298--du Pont, Willis Harrington, 300, Palm Beach, Fla., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 51, MF


299--Greenberg, Maurice Raymond, 300, New York, American International Group, 62, F

300--Pogue, Alfred Mack, 300, Dallas, real estate, 53, RE

301--Keck, Howard Brighton, 300, Los Angeles, Superior Oil Co., 74, OG

302--Spiegel, Abraham, 300, Beverly Hills, Columbia Savings & Loan, 81, F


303--Evans, James Emmett, 300, Dade City, Fla., citrus grower, 87, AG

304--Ueltschi, Albert Lee, 300, Greenwich, Conn., Flight Safety International, 70, S

305--Smith, Marian Uldine Day, 300, Atlanta, inheritance (Days Inns), 53, RE

306--Marx, Leonard Maximilian, 300, Scarsdale, N.Y., real estate, 83, RE


307--Soros, George, 290, New York, money manager, 56, F

308--Cox, John Lee, 300, Midland, Tex., Oil, 62, OG

309--Anderson, Robertson Orville, 295, Roswell, N.M., oil, land, 70, OG

310--Pontikes, Kenneth Nicholas, 295, Barrington, Ill., computer equipment, 47, T


311--Smith, Frederick Wallace, 295, Memphis, Tenn., Federal Express Corp., 43, S

312--Mugar, David Graves, 285, Boston, inheritance (broadcasting), 48, M

313--Ansin, Edmund Newton, 280, North Miami, Fla., broadcasting, 51, M

314--Gates, Charles Cassius, 280, Denver, Gates Corp., 66, MF


315--Sharp, Peter Jay, 275, New York, real estate, 57, RE

316--Robinson, Jesse Mack, 275, Atlanta, Ga., banking, 64, F

317--O’Neill, Richard Jerome, 275, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., inheritance (real estate), 64, RE

318--Avery, Alice O’Neill, 275, West Los Angeles, inheritance (real estate), 70, RE


319--Smart, Richard Palmer Kaleioku, 275, Honolulu, inheritance, ranching, 74, RE

320--Davidson, William Morse, 270, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Guardian Industries Corp., 65, MF

321--Cotsen, Lloyd Edward, 265, Los Angeles, Neutrogena Corp., 58, MF

322--Hamilton, Dorrance Hill, 290, Strafford, Pa., Campbell Soup Co., 59.


323--van Beuren, Hope Hill, 285, Middletown, R.I., Campbell Soup Co., 53.

324--Colket, Tristram C. Jr., 240, Paoli, Pa., Campbell Soup Co., 49.

325--Weber, Charlotte Colket, 240, Ocala, Fla., Campbell Soup Co., 44.

326--Carpenter, Robert Ruliph Jr., 260, Montchanin, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 72, MF.


327--Draper, Irene Carpenter, 260, Montchanin, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 76, MF

328--Ottaway, James Haller Sr., 255, Campbell Hall, N.Y., newspapers, 76, M

329--Glazer, Guilford, 250, Beverly Hills, real estate, 66, RE

330--Arrillaga, John, 250, Palo Alto, real estate, 49, RE


331--Peery, Richard Taylor, 250, Palo Alto, Real estate, 48, RE

332--Morgan, Frank Sherman, 250, Kansas City, Mo., real estate, banks, 60, F

333 Dreiseszun--Sherman W., 250, Kansas City, Mo., shopping centers, banks, 63, F

334--Fisher, Max Martin, 250, Detroit, oil, 79, OG


335--Culverhouse, Hugh Franklin, 250, Tampa, Fla., real estate, banking, 68, RE

336--Smith, Vivian Leatherberry, 250, Houston, inheritance (oil, real estate), 79, RE

337--Jacobs, Irwin Lawrence, 250, Minneapolis, arbitrage, investments, 46, F

338--Lawrence, M. Larry, 250, San Diego, real estate, 61, RE


339--Milstein, Monroe Gary, 250, Burlington, N.J., Burlington Coat Factory, 60, MF

340--Kalmanovitz, Lydia, 250, Tiburon, Calif., beer, real estate, 83, MF

341--Searle, William Louis, 250, Lake Forest, Ill., inheritance (G. D. Searle), 59, MF

342--Searle, Daniel Crow, 250, Winnetka, Ill., inheritance (G. D. Searle), 61, MF


343--Dixon, Suzanne Searle, 250, Lake Forest, Ill., inheritance (G. D. Searle), 56, MF

344--Berry, Jack Monteith Sr., 250, Winter Haven, Fla., citrus grower, 70, AG

345--Griffin, Ben Hill Jr., 250, Avon Park, Fla., citrus Grower, 76, AG

346--Ellis, Alpheus Lee, 250, Tarpon Springs, Fla., banking, real estate, 81, F


347--Bainum, Stewart Sr., 250, Silver Spring, Md., manor care, real estate, 68, S

348--Galesi, Francesco, 250, New York, real estate, 56, RE

349--Davidowitz, Joseph Morton, 250, Lawrence, N.Y., stock Market, 58, F

350--Pamplin, Robert Boisseau, 250, Portland, Ore., textiles, 75, MF


351--Terra, Daniel James, 245, Chicago, Lawter International, 76, MF

352--Littlefield, Edmund Wattis, 245, Burlingame, Calif., Utah International, 73, MF

353--Ellison, Lawrence J., 245, Belmont, Calif., Oracle Corp., 43, T

354--du Pont, Irenee Jr., 240, Montchanin, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 67, MF


355--May, Irene Sophie du Pont, 240, Wilmington, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 86, MF

356--Greenewalt, Margaretta Lammot du Pont, 240, Greenville, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 85, MF

357--Darden, Constance Simons du Pont, 240, Norfolk, Va., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 83, MF

358--Rust, Eleanor Francis du Pont, 240, Thomasville, Ga., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 80, MF


359--Silliman, Mariana du Pont, 240, Montchanin, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 76, MF

360--Bredin, Octavia Mary du Pont, 240, Greenville, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 74, MF

361--Flint, Lucile Evelina du Pont, 240, Greenville, Del., inheritance (Du Pont Co.), 72, MF

362--Mandel, Morton Leon, 240, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Premier Industrial Corp, 66, MF


363--Mandel, Joseph C., 240, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Premier Industrial Corp, 73, MF

364--Mandel, Jack N., 240, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Premier Industrial Corp, 75, MF

365--Hunt, Johnnie Bryan, 240, Springdale, Ark., trucking, 60, S

366--Green, Dorothy, 240, Beverly Hills, inheritance (oil), 71, RE


367--Paulson, Allen Eugene, 240, Savannah, Ga., Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., 65.

368--Syms, Sy, 240, Lyndhurst, N.J., Syms Corp., 61, R

369--LeBow, Bennett Stephen, 235, Essex, N.J., financier, 49, F

370--Andreas, Dwayne Orville, 230, Bal Harbour, Fla., soybeans, 69, AG


371--Root, Chapman Shaw, 230, Ormond Beach, Fla., Coca-Cola bottler, broadcasting, 62, MF

372--Ryan, Patrick George, 230, Chicago, insurance, 50, F

373--Furst, Austin Owen Jr., 230, New Canaan, Conn., Vestron, 44, T

374--Rainwater, Richard Edward, 225, Fort Worth, investments, 43, F


375--Lusk, John David, 225, Newport Beach, real estate, 79, RE

376--Mellon, Timothy, 225, Manchester, N.H., inheritance, 45, F

377--Conover, Catherine Mellon, 225, Washington, D.C., inheritance, 51, F

378--Danner, Raymond L., 225, Nashville, Tenn., Shoney’s, 62, S


379--Cantor, Bernard Gerald, 225, Beverly Hills, financier, 70, F.

380--Carr, Oliver Taylor Jr., 225, Washington, D.C., real estate, 62, RE

381--Weinberg, John Livingston, 225, New York, Goldman, Sachs & Co, 62, F

382--Lyon, William, 225, Newport Beach, real estate, 64, RE


383--Hammons, John Quentin, 225, Springfield, Mo., real estate, 64, RE

384--Hostetter, Amos Barr Jr., 225, Boston, cable TV, 50, M

385--Litwin, Leonard, 225, New York, real estate, 70, RE

386--MacMillan, W. Duncan, 225, Wayzata, Minn., inheritance (Cargill Inc.), 57, AG


387--MacMillan, John Hugh III, 225, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., inheritance, 59, AG

388--Pictet, Marion MacMillan, 225, Geneva, inheritance (Cargill Inc.), 54, AG

389--MacMillan, Whitney, 225, Minneapolis, inheritance (Cargill Inc.), 58, AG

390--MacMillan, Cargill Jr., 225, Minneapolis, inheritance (Cargill Inc.), 60, AG


391--Keinath, Pauline MacMillan, 225, Unknown, inheritance (Cargill Inc.), 52, AG

392--Klink, Bettina, 225, Los Angeles, inheritance (Dow Jones), 46, M

393--Bancroft, Hugh III, 225, Newport Beach, inheritance (Dow Jones), 38, M

394--Bancroft, Christopher, 225, Denton, Tex., inheritance (Dow Jones), 36, M


395--Kavadas, Kathryn Bancroft, 225, Wabun, Mass., inheritance (Dow Jones), 35, M

396--Haft, Robert Michael, 225, Washington, D.C., retailing, finance, 34, F

397--Haft, Herbert Herman, 225, Washington, D.C., retailing, finance, 67, F

398--Scharbauer, Clarence Jr., 225, Midland, Tex., inheritance (oil, land), 62, OG


399--Spielberg, Steven Allen, 225, Beverly Hills, movies, 39, M

400--Rock, Arthur J., 225, San Francisco, venture capital, 61, F