San Diego


A melee broke out late Monday night between a hit-and-run driver, the carload of people he sideswiped and a group of nearby residents, San Diego police reported.

Miguel Duenas, whose age was unavailable, was driving east in the 3300 block of Ocean View Boulevard when he struck a westbound car carrying four men and fled the scene. Shortly afterward, he lost control of his car and smashed into a fire hydrant. The passengers of the struck car caught up with Duenas and began beating him, police said.

A group of men from a nearby apartment complex joined the fracas with clubs and sticks and began beating the attackers, police said.


The brawl broke up when an on-duty security guard working in the 3200 block of Ocean View fired a single shot into the air. The four men drove off in their white convertible, and the other group of men ran back to the apartment complex.

Duenas was treated for head lacerations at Physicians & Surgeons Hospital before police booked him into County Jail on suspicion of being under the influence of PCP and driving under the influence of the drug.