Local News in Brief : Landlord Sent to Jail

Los Angeles landlord Lance Robbins was sentenced Monday to three concurrent 30-day jail terms after pleading no contest to 25 charges arising from substandard conditions at two apartment buildings he owns, and violation of parole on a previous conviction.

Los Angeles Municipal Court Commissioner Juelann Cathey also ordered Robbins, 40, to pay $10,200 in fines and penalties and placed him on two years' summary probation.

Robbins, who reportedly owns several hundred apartment buildings, pleaded no contest to 20 violations of the health, fire and building and safety codes in a building at 801 S. Union Ave. and five fire code offenses at 1848 N. Gramercy Place. The probation violation stems from terms of Robbins' 1985 sentence for violations in a building at 138 S. Westmoreland Ave.

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