Woman Files $2-Million Suit Against Ex-Packer Mossy Cade

United Press International

A Texas woman has filed a $2-million civil lawsuit in Brown County Circuit Court against former Green Bay defensive back Mossy Cade, claiming her rights were violated when he sexually assaulted her.

The suit was filed Wednesday by B.J. Cade, 44, of Houston, an aunt of the ex-Packer through marriage. The suit seeks $1 million in actual damages and $1 million in punitive damages.

Cade, 26, was convicted May 23 on two second-degree sexual assault charges for attacking the woman when she visited him at his De Pere, Wis., home on Nov. 4, 1985.


Cade was sentenced July 28 to two years in prison and is serving the term at the Fox Lake Correctional Institution.

The suit was filed on behalf of the woman by Green Bay attorney Royce Finne, who served as special prosecutor in the case.

The suit charged that when the woman was attacked by Cade, the acts were “intentional, wrongful, malicious and in reckless, wanton and total disregard of the rights of the plaintiff.”

The suit also said Cade caused physical pain and bodily harm to the victim, used unlawful restraint and infringed on her personal liberty.

Cade denied during the trial that he attacked his aunt, but during his sentencing hearing, a psychiatrist testified that Cade admitted the attacks in counseling sessions and was sorry for the harm he had done.

Cade also made an admission of the crimes in a statement to the judge before sentencing.

The lawsuit said Cade’s further act of perjury during the trial caused the plaintiff severe emotional distress and that the action constitutes the intentional affliction of emotional distress.