Congressmen Join Managua March

I was pleased to read (Part I, Nov. 9) the article about my representative, David Dreier (R-La Verne), and four other U.S. congressmen--Robert Dornan (R-Garden Grove), Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), Herbert Bateman (R-Va.) and Jack Buechner (R-Mo.)--marching in Managua, Nicaragua, in an anti-Sandinista demonstration. In the accompanying picture of them I see no policemen present.

I think these congressmen, unwittingly, witnessed and enjoyed more democracy in Managua than they could recognize or admit.

Now, if we could see pictures of guerrillas demonstrating as fearlessly in San Salvador against the government, army and death squads there, we could really feel that there might be something to it when President Reagan refers to El Salvador as a "democracy."


La Verne

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