Bravo to Carol Tavris for her column ("Method Is All but Lost in the Imagery of Social-Science Fiction," Op-Ed Page, Nov. 1) on self-proclaimed "scientific" sexologist Shere Hite. I was incredibly put off by the Hite quote that was smeared across the View (Oct. 29) front page: "We (women) can still truly love a man, but we see him as from another planet." If a male author had made that statement about women, he would probably now be wearing an ill-fitting suit of tar and feathers.

I'm not the most enlightened man on this planet, but I'm pretty tired of hearing what a disgusting gender I belong to. Why is that all the women can turn their lives into little "Mary Tyler Moore Shows" by complaining how men have done them wrong, while the men who have been hurt by women are expected to conceal their feelings as stoically as Clint Eastwood? Reverse sexism doesn't help sexual politics one bit.


Los Angeles

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