Congressmen Join Managua March

Three cheers for Dornan. I feel I must commend him for his display of courage by participating in a pro-Contra demonstration in Managua, the very heart of the infamous Marxist-Leninist stronghold of Nicaragua. How could he have trusted these fiends to allow him into Nicaragua in the first place and then trust that they would not physically harm him?

Now that Dornan has proven himself to be that heroic in the defense of democracy and human rights, may I now suggest he participate in similar protests by parading in Chile, South Korea, Argentina, Haiti, El Salvador and about 20 other countries I could name, whose leaders have demonstrated their aversion to democracy and human rights? This noble task could keep Dornan out of the U.S. for a long time and thereby give us Californians, and our entire nation, a much needed respite from his continuing to devote his tireless efforts to supporting every cause propounded by the right-wing extremists.


Los Angeles

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