Griffin's House Will Provide Jobs for Many

I am not in the habit of writing to newspapers, but I am disturbed over the criticism of the home that Merv Griffin is building. Many, many people in the entertainment business build homes on this scale (Aaron Spelling for one), and the jobs they create by doing so, and the jobs that are created in maintaining such a home certainly helps the economy in many ways that most people don't realize. Income taxes and social security are paid on the money paid to these people, plus the fact that the employees' money is then put into circulation and helps to keep the economy going.

From things I have read in your paper, Merv Griffin is a person that is ready and willing to help most charitable events and I'm not sure just how not building this home would help the homeless. I feel these letters have been terribly unfair to him, as he is a person who has worked for his money and it certainly has not been made in illegal deals, such as drugs, etc.

I have many friends in the building business, and live in an area where I sometimes am appalled at the "spec" homes being built for $2 million to $4 million, and if you drive through areas such as Rancho Santa Fe and parts of Orange County, the wealth in homes is very obvious, but that is all part of our free enterprise system, and it is part of what keeps the economy going in our United States.


Palm Desert

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