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Compiled by Terry Atkinson

"Smart Sex." Dr. Dean Edell. Audio Renaissance. A nationally syndicated radio and TV medical reporter, Edell offers a comprehensive and intelligent audio guide to safe sex practices. The first side of this 60-minute cassette presents a cogent overview of the various forms of sexually transmitted diseases, from AIDS to chlamydia. Edell answers many commonly asked questions about AIDS without minimizing the danger of the epidemic or sounding like a doomsayer. The second side of the $9.95 tape describes both safe and unsafe sex techniques. Edell argues convincingly that exercising certain cautions should not mean a less fulfilling sex life. Smart sex, he says, can create more intimacy and satisfaction because it stresses creativity, communication and honesty. A 32-page manual is included. Information: (800) 325-5525. *** 1/2

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