UCLA Gets 2 $5-Million Gifts for Complex

Times Staff Writer

Two Los Angeles area business executives have donated a total of $10 million toward the construction of a business school complex at UCLA, the university announced Monday.

James A. Collins, chairman of Collins Foods International, and real estate developer Eugene S. Rosenfeld, along with their wives, have committed $5 million each to the construction of the John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management, named after the Los Angeles attorney who donated $15 million earlier this year.

These donations mean business school fund-raisers have met their goal of $25 million, which will be matched by the University of California. Without private donations, university officials say, the business school complex might not have been built until after the year 2000. The new school is now expected by 1992.

Collins and Rosenfeld, both of whom are UCLA graduates and sit on the business school advisory board, decided separately to make the donations. "We really didn't talk to each other about it," said Collins. "It just happened by coincidence."

Both men responded to the UCLA Campaign, a $300-million university fund-raising campaign that sought, among other things, four donors to contribute $5 million each for the business school. In return, the university will name different sections of the business complex--classrooms, faculty offices, library and computer center, an executive education center--after the contributors. Two other $5-million donors are still being sought.

The contribution made by Collins--whose company operates Sizzler Restaurants, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Naugles fast-food franchises--and his wife Carol will result in the James A. Collins Executive Education Center. The new library and computer center will be named after Rosenfeld and his wife Maxine.

The new school will be built in the northern part of UCLA's Westwood campus.

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