New AIDS Initiative

Here we go again. Lyndon LaRouche supporters have gathered enough signatures in California to qualify another ballot initiative almost exactly like Proposition 64, defeated in November, 1986, by a margin of 71% to 29% (Part I, Dec. 1).

We who worked so hard to defeat Proposition 64 are going to have to divert money and energy to defeating LaRouche that could go to fighting AIDS.

This new initiative, just like 64, is designed to wage war against and crush people with AIDS instead of AIDS itself. It also assaults people with AIDS-related diseases. The key element is quarantine, which medical experts from across the nation unanimously agree is not only unnecessary and inappropriate, but would actually help spread AIDS by driving it underground. People would be frightened to seek treatment or testing.

California voters recognized the absurdity and danger of Proposition 64 in 1986. I sincerely pray that love, compassion and rationality triumph once again in June, 1988.



Los Angeles