New AIDS Initiative

I cannot believe that the LaRouche followers are going to try again to get an initiative “nearly identical” to Proposition 64 passed in next June’s election. After the drubbing they took from the voters last year why are they trying again? There is only one reason possible and it sickens me!

The gay community must now gear up to fight and spend more millions of dollars which would do a hell of a lot more good used in the battle against AIDS! Those who signed the petition to get this proposition on the ballot should feel half the shame I live with for my anti-gay stance that kept me pecking at this typewriter spewing forth hate to any publication that would print my letters. Part of my shame is that many were printed.

If AIDS and its many victims did nothing else it made me think! When I realized how foolish--hypocritical--I was being in blaming God for AIDS as a punishment for homosexuals, I stopped my hate letters.

I have no doubt that the “new Proposition 64" will be defeated, but I want to let it be known from the beginning that this voter will do his best to see it defeated--even if all I can do is cast one vote against it.



Los Angeles