Analyzing a la Mode

Why do the critics of the Calendar section keep over-analyzing the lyrics to Depeche Mode's songs? Isn't the reason that they go to the concerts to review the show and the music?

Chris Willman's review of the 1986 concert focused on the "dark, gloomy" lyrics. Then, in his "Dancing in the Dark With Depeche Mode" (Nov. 29), Willman talked about their lyrics again!

Although Steve Hochman found one fan with whom he discussed the lyrics to find a positive side, again the "dark and gloomy fatalistic" side was the focal point ("Hopeful Following for Depeche Mode," Dec. 7). The lyrics of other groups don't seem to get criticized so harshly in reviews.

As a point of interest, critics should note that teen-agers aren't as shallow as critics seem to think. Many of U2's fans, for example, joined Amnesty International because they learned of it from Bono and were interested in helping.

By the way, what makes Hochman think that Depeche Mode's fans are so "innocent"?


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