Bill for Fighting Drugs in Schools

The editorial "Fighting Drugs in the Schools" on Nov. 15 carried the tone of "what can we do," but nowhere was there a mention of Senate Bill 1657.

The author of the bill, state Sen. Art Torres, is quoted as saying: "There is a problem out there that we need to address and confront. If you are drinking and are taking drugs and the principal catches you, you could lose your driving privileges. Kids want to drive a car more than anything else."

To quote from a letter to me by state Sen. Marian Bergeson: "I really see SB 1657 as providing a means for curbing drug and alcohol abuse among our youth." Assemblyman Gil Ferguson in a letter to me said: "This would be a positive way to deter youths from using drugs and alcohol."

Carla Lowe, for Drug Free Youth, says: "The bill will give our kids a believable excuse for not partying that will be acceptable to their peers without appearing to wimp out."

The bill passed the Senate but unfortunately had trouble in the Assembly and has been made a two-year bill. This means the author will bring the bill up again in January.

This law could once again establish as a peer group those students who obey the law and retain their licenses. Those who have lost their licenses or have not yet attained that status will look up to these license holders and try to emulate them.

This bill is a "must pass" by the Assembly. Our children are your future. They must be protected.


Costa Mesa

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