Gorbachev Outshines Reagan in Spain Poll

From Reuters

Spaniards believe Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev did more than President Reagan to achieve last week's signing of a medium-range missile treaty, an opinon poll published on Saturday showed.

Fifty-four percent of people polled for El Independente newspaper last Thursday thought Gorbachev had done more than Reagan to bring about the treaty signed in Washington on Tuesday, while 22% said Reagan had done more.

Asked which of the two was more intelligent, 51% said Gorbachev and 32% Reagan.

The Kremlin leader also won more votes on questions of who was more modern (49% to Reagan's 38%), "nicer" (46% against 38%), active (48% against 37% and pacifist (47% against 23%). But Reagan was voted more persuasive by 42% of those polled, against 34% for Gorbachev.

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