Crusade Exploits Gays

Although I certainly can choose among many options when it comes to my sexual behavior--ranging from celibacy through a loving monogamous relationship to promiscuity--I do not feel I have any choice about my sexual orientation. I could experiment with a sexual partner of the "wrong" sex for my sexual orientation, but that's all it would be--an experiment.

Why do so many in society applaud and encourage a gay person's trying out a heterosexual relationship, even at the possible expense of ruining several lives, but condemn the reverse? Such double standards reflect what people are brought up to believe. There are no other cogent arguments.

The solution is for parents to tell children, when they are ready, the full truth about human sexuality, not just the statistically average, church-approved heterosexual version. We would then raise children who were healthy and happy with their own sexual orientation, whatever it was, as well as accepting of others.


Los Angeles

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