Woman Seized by Palestinians Has Baby Girl

From Reuters

Jacqueline Valente, one of eight foreigners seized early last month on a French-registered yacht, has given birth to a baby girl, the Palestinian guerrilla group that kidnaped her said Friday.

The Fatah Revolutionary Council said in a statement sent to an international news agency in West Beirut that Valente, 29, who is a French citizen, and her newborn daughter are in good health and receiving proper medical care.

The statement from the group--led by Abu Nidal, one of the world’s most wanted terrorists--did not say when Valente gave birth. The Fatah Revolutionary Council has been blamed for a series of terrorist attacks in Europe, America and the Middle East.

Tells of Capture


The statement was signed by Walid Khaled, the official who announced in a news conference on Nov. 8 that seaborne Abu Nidal commandos had captured five Belgians, a French woman and two small girls and accused them of being Jewish Israeli spies.

“It was revealed after her detention that Jacqueline Valente was pregnant. . . . She gave birth to a girl in her seventh month of pregnancy under the supervision of a specialist doctor,” Khaled said.

He said that a Belgian captive, Fernand Houtekins, 40, was the father.

Although the kidnapers accused their captives of being Jewish and Israeli spies, the Belgian government said that many of the hostages were Belgian citizens living in France.


In addition to Valente and Houtekins, the other hostages are Emmanuel Houtekins, 42 (the brother of Fernand Houtekins); his wife, Godlieve Kets, 48, and their children, Laurent Emmanuel Houtekins, 17, and Valerie Houtekins, 16. Jacqueline Valente’s two other daughters, Marie Laure, 6, and Virginia, 5, are also hostages.