Contra Aid and Arias Peace Plan

The 100th Congress of the United States of America is a “chicken” Congress!

In the face of national indignation over “Contra-scam,” after hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured by the Reagan Administration into the aborted overthrow of a postage-stamp Central American country--many of those millions revealed to have been misappropriated and unaccounted for by the leaders of a small, rag-tag band of jungle mercenaries miscalled “freedom fighters"--this Congress did not have the guts to put a stop to it all.

The $8.1 million of so-called “non-military” aid in the new budget is a sham! Extrapolated forward for a year this is $90 million! How many boots, combat fatigues, and tents can a small band of jungle insurgents use?

This Congress can no longer even hide behind the specter of “Reagan intimidation.”


It can blame nobody for its acts but itself!

Slowly seeping into the thinking of the millions of American tax-payers who are being duped into dumping the dollars into this shameful ruse is the question of how many of these millions of dollars are being funneled back into the coffers and the pockets of congressmen? Interesting thought!

I think we’re on to your guys.