Santa Monica : Report on Airport Project

An environmental impact report is being prepared for the proposed development of a 37.5-acre parcel at Santa Monica Airport.

The report, due in April, will look at how development will affect traffic and noise in nearby neighborhoods.

The city decided earlier this year to lease the land for development by the Reliance Development Group. Reliance’s project, still subject to review, proposes 1 million square feet in office space, a 221,000-square-foot sound studio complex, 25,000 square feet in retail shops and restaurants and a day care center.

Officials say the $280-million project would earn Santa Monica $30 million in lease revenue over the first 10 years.


Some area residents previously complained about noise generated by the airport and expressed concerns about additional traffic that would be brought into the area by the development.

The city is receiving comments and suggestions through Feb. 11. Interested people should contact the Santa Monica Planning Division, P. O. Box 2200, Santa Monica, Calif. 90406-2200.