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American pop/rock group Mr. Mister plans to donate royalties from its tune "Dust," from the group's current LP, "Go On . . . ," to the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, an organization that benefits Amerasian children--kids of American servicemen who were left behind when their fathers left Vietnam, Korea and other Asian countries. "Dust" is about the Amerasian children of Vietnam who, because of their American appearance, are ostracized in their own country. "Without sounding philanthropic, I feel it's important to share," said Richard Page, Mr. Mister's singer-bassist. "When you write songs, you can't just be an observer and a magnanimous sort of soothsayer of what should be. You have to do things, not just sit in a lofty place and write about all the evils in the world. There's a real hypocritical hype to that. We're just trying to do the most that we can."

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