Conductors' Guild

Chris Pasles' music review of (the) Wagner "Messiah" mentions "something called the Orange County Choral Conductors' Guild Massed Chorus" ("Roger Wagner Conducts 'Messiah' His Way," Dec. 21).

Mr. Pasles might be interested in knowing that the Orange County Choral Conductors' Guild has been around for 50 years, started by the venerable Dr. Howard Swan, and including such members as (Pacific Chorale music director) John Alexander and (former Master Chorale of Orange County music director) Maurice Allard. Part of a state organization, our chapter includes more than 200 church and school directors.

Children, provided by our CCG, participated in the morning's "Christmas 'Round the World," accompanied by the Pacific Symphony. As I looked on the children's faces, I knew this would be a moment long remembered. This one experience will bond them to the Center and to this place as theirs--for they have been a part of it.

Our Center is a fine focal point for the varieties of music expertise, both professional and community oriented. CCG is happy to be a part of it.



CCB Children's Choruses

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