Lofty Standards

We are writing regarding the Nov. 14 review of the Pacific Symphony performance, written by Chris Pasles ("Symphony's Performance a Letdown"). It was not necessary to insult Mr. Clark, Mr. Chen and two halls full of Orange County concert-goers who clearly enjoyed the concert.

Who is Mr. Pasles? What makes him so wonderful, so knowledgeable? And where does he get his curious criteria? A lot of what he says is simply stupid, the sort of thing college sophomores write to impress their Music Appreciation 1-A teachers.

Mr. Clark and his orchestra make beautiful, beautiful music. We in Orange County are finally able to hear such music in a beautiful concert hall. We want to support our orchestra, we want it to grow, and we very much enjoy having it.

If The Times or Mr. Pasles have such lofty standards that they cannot enjoy what several thousand people clearly enjoyed, perhaps the fault lies with Mr. Pasles.

I've always discounted people who say that your paper is consistently critical of our symphony because you resent the competition with the events at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, but frankly I am beginning to believe it.

Mr. Pasles seems to enjoy insulting not only Mr. Clark and his orchestra but the audience who enjoys their music. But if you are so anxious to cultivate readership in Orange County, you might seriously consider finding a music critic who is less negative and certainly less insulting to both our orchestra and us.


Fountain Valley

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