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Director Bill Forsyth ("Local Hero," "Housekeeping") and producer Chris Sievernich ("The Dead") are teaming up with Dylan Thomas to do his latest screenplay, "Rebecca's Daughter."

Sound strange? You may recall that the late Welsh writer's hitherto forgotten script, "The Doctor and the Devils," was made by Brooksfilms in 1983 as "his only venture into writing movies." But Sievernich stumbled onto this other effort while rummaging through a London bookshop three years ago.

"Thomas was briefly employed by Gainsborough Films in the late '40s," Sievernich told us. "He completed two screenplays which were never produced, but in 1961 'Rebecca's Daughter' was published in book form. It's set in Wales in the 1940s and deals with the historical Rebecca Riots, which was a farmer's uprising against a toll-gate system instituted by the British gentry.

"The farmers dressed in women's clothing and to this day no one knows who the real Rebecca was."

Filming is set for March in Dublin and Wicklow County.

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