I hate Top 10 lists ("In Search of the Perfect Top 10 List," by Robert Hilburn, Dec. 27).

They're not only boring to read, they also take up valuable newspaper space. Who cares what 19 pretentious jerks thought about this year's music ("The Consensus: U2 With a Narrow Win")?

That's why I'm asking all Calendar readers to participate in a Top 10 list that rates all 19 critics that appeared in The Times.

But there are problems with intelligent Top 10 lists like the one suggested above. The numbers 1 through 10 alone don't adequately describe the relative inequalities of all these people.

Are Robert Hilburn and Dennis Hunt 10-times worse than everyone else, or should they simply be omitted from the contest all together?

All Calendar readers are invited to submit their lists. The members of R.E.M. and X need not apply.


Santa Ana

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