Star Dreck

It seemed appropriate to me that the photo of the Enterprise in the Dec. 24 "Star Trek" article was inverted ("An Enterprising 'Star Trek' Warps Back to TV," by Sue Martin).

If you ask me, the show has gone belly up from day one.

The new show, "Star Trek: The Next Generation," is a dog. It is simply awful, and its decline worsens with each new episode. Martin's piece on the show read just like a PR press-packet. She certainly didn't view the same television show as I or my friends--we all unanimously hate it.

Let's face it, since "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan," it's all been cheeseball stuff. The new series is the worst yet. It's downright silly--from the utopian seating arrangements on the bridge to the derivative story lines to the ridiculous uniforms (why must science-fiction continually put people into polyester pantsuits!?!)


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