Official Sponsors

"Coke and Parker Pens-Official Sponsors of the INF Treaty . " Since the commercials and print ads linking the summit with consumer products appeared, I've had an idea. The government could set up its own advertising agency and sell endorsements of major programs and projects. What a way to reduce the budget deficit. Think of the possibilities!

U.S. warships could feature billboard ads painted on their sides--everybody in the Persian Gulf could be reminded of "Tide" or "Ajax"--that would clean up their act!

Instead of U.S. Air Force One--"The President flies the friendly skies!" At photo opportunities at the presidential ranch, close-ups could reveal the "501 Jeans" logo on the presidential posterior. Naturally, photo opportunities must feature "Kodak film for the good look."

Reagan's hero, Calvin Coolidge, said "the business of the U.S. (government) is business." Why shouldn't Koreans be reminded to buy Chryslers instead of Hyundais if the tanks that protect their borders reflect their manufacturer's ads.

Weapons systems represent one of our biggest export items--many of these companies also offer consumer products--let's publicize them and the trade deficit would also benefit.


Toluca Lake

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