Matching Funds for LaRouche Opposed

Associated Press

Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. should be denied federal matching funds for his presidential bid based on "patterns of alleged noncompliance and fraud" in past campaigns, the Federal Election Commission's legal counsel says.

The legal opinion, released Tuesday, cited LaRouche's history of lawsuits with the agency over accusations that he failed to comply with commission regulations. The opinion also said there is evidence of continued irregularity in his 1988 campaign documents.

The commission will consider the recommendation at its meeting Thursday and is expected to vote on whether to certify LaRouche to get matching funds.

LaRouche is on trial in Boston, accused of conspiring to obstruct a federal grand jury investigation into alleged credit card and loan fraud by his 1984 presidential campaign.

LaRouche's campaign chairwoman, Debra Freeman, dismissed the FEC report as "wild lies and misrepresentation." In a telephone interview from Baltimore, she said the counsel's recommendation was part of a "12-year pattern of abuse of power on the part of the FEC."

The legal staff's recommendation said documents submitted by LaRouche with his application for 1988 matching funds indicate "that many of the contributions may not have been intended for the purpose of influencing Mr. LaRouche's presidential nomination campaign," but instead may have been collected by supporters under the guise of backing other causes.

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