Accessories Keep Hot Foods Hot, Cold Foods Cold; Ideal for Microwave

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Keeping food or beverages hot has always been a problem for many individuals whether they're serving a group or just having a single cup.

Phoenix Products Industries Inc. in Irvine calls its cordless white glass tray that keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold, "Hot Shot." The first cordless non-electric hot tray in the market, Hot Shot loses about 15 degrees in the food every 45 minutes.

The tray has a three-layer construction of lead-free glass and two insulation panels. When hot food in a casserole dish is placed on top of the tray, heat is transmitted directly through the glass into the insulation panels below. Conversely, it keeps a cold pitcher of cold juice or ice tea cold.

The first insulation panel contains thousands of microscopic air pockets that retain the heat or cold that in turn is recycled into the dish placed on the Hot Shot surface. The second insulation layer prevents the heat or cold from escaping through the bottom.

A great accessory for microwave ovens, Hot Shot can draw the heat from the food that is in the cool microwave vessel, retain it in the tray and reflect it to the food.

The tray, which also has skid-proof rubber feet, also functions as a cutting-board work surface. Impervious to stains and scratches, the tray is dishwasher safe. Hot Shot is available in 8-inch square ($16), 10x14-inch ($27.95) and 12x16-inch ($32). The unique tray also comes imprinted with a microwave timing guide, which costs a dollar more per size.

Coffee and tea drinkers will likewise appreciate the Cordless Mug Shot ($7.50) from Phoenix Products. Made of porcelain finish with special insulation and a lid, the white Mug Shot can keep hot drinks warm for up to an hour.

Warmedeck from Delux Distributions International Inc. in Torrance (from $22 to $52) is a sleek-looking dish or beverage warmer made in West Germany.

This patented new product consists of a round or oval base of stone or natural wood topped with enameled cast-iron burners. The fuel canister, which is virtually odorless and guaranteed not to explode, is designed to keep food hot for eight to 10 hours. Warmedeck is available in three sizes: a 10-centimeter unit that is ideal for mugs, a 15-centimeter and a two-burner 26-centimeter oval unit.

Attractive at table, Warmedeck is made with a variety of bases: pine or oak, and black or white stone. Select burners from various finishes of black (flat or shiny enamel), cobalt blue and white. For more information and mail orders, call Teal Industries at (800) 553-9457.

During the holidays, stores ran out of the Hot Spot, an electric beverage warmer from Salton ($10). Made to heat a favorite beverage in a cup or mug, the contemporary styled white warmer comes with an on and off switch and a red pilot light to indicate when the unit is on. Coming soon from the same company is the Jumbo Hot Spot ($20). Slightly bigger than its predecessor, the Jumbo unit can be used to keep casseroles, microwave dishes or an extra carafe of coffee at serving temperature.

The Hot Shot and Mug Shot from Phoenix Products Industries is available at Friedman's Microwave Ovens, Southern California, and Bel-Air Sweets and Gifts, Los Angeles.

The Warmedeck is available from Teal Industries in Lomita by calling (800) 553-9457.

The Salton Hot Spot will soon be available at Bullock's and Kitchen World (Santa Monica).

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