West Hollywood : Fee on Filming Rights OKd

Representatives of the motion picture and television industries who want to film in West Hollywood will soon have to pay a fee to the city.

The City Council on Monday approved a plan to begin assessing a $350 fee for the first day of filming, and $200 for each additional day for motion picture, video and still photography requiring permits.

Opposing the plan are members of the film industry, the Los Angeles County Film Commission, the Los Angeles County Film Office and the State Film Office. Officials are concerned that it may encourage film makers to look elsewhere.

Until now, film makers have paid a fee only to the county for filming rights in West Hollywood.

"Considering the problems of monitoring the noise and traffic that results from filming 190 days per year in a city of our population density, the imposition of fees was very much needed," said Lloyd Long, director of human services in West Hollywood.

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