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Expose, the female dance music group that's been called lightweight, has proved that in record sales it's heavyweight. The group's album, "Expose," is No. 25 and still climbing on Billboard magazine's pop album chart after 48 weeks. Hit singles have kept this album, which has sold 1.3 million, alive. "Expose" is about to have its fourth Top 10 single from that album with "Seasons Change" (No. 11). Teen star Debbie Gibson is about to join that other teen star--Tiffany--in the Top 10. Gibson's "Out of the Blue" album moved up five notches to No. 21. Singles: George Michael's "Faith" inched up a notch to the top of the pop singles chart. The tune bounced Whitney Houston's "So Emotional" to No. 2.

* For a long time this Elton John album seemed to be going nowhere. But then the single, "Candle in the Wind," his homage to Marilyn Monroe, became a hit--sparking album sales. The album is No. 33 and should reach the Top 20, depending on the longevity of the single, which burst into the Top 10--at No. 7.

TITLE RANK RANK WEEKS LAST 2 WKS ON WEEK AGO CHART 1. Faith 2 3 9 George Michael (Columbia) 2. Dirty Dancing 1 1 18 Soundtrack (RCA) 3. Tiffany 4 5 17 Tiffany (MCA) 4. Bad 3 2 17 Michael Jackson (Epic) 5. Whitesnake 5 4 40 Whitesnake (Geffen) * Live in Australia 39 45 26 Elton John (MCA)

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