One Woman and a Baby

Attention all childless women heading for 40: Do you feel maternity calling? Have you considered going it alone--with a little help from a neighborhood sperm bank or an understanding friend? Are children on your wish list?

Yours--For Just $169,000!

That's the median price of a home in Orange County. As a single, how could you--or how did you--ever afford to buy your own home? Are you an apartment-dweller by choice or necessity?

It's Their Party, Cry If You Want To

One day you've got a pack of single friends; next day they're all married. (OK, it doesn't happen in a day, but it seems like it, doesn't it?) How does it feel to watch your friends march down the aisle? Have you felt a twinge of jealousy? An angstrom of anger? Are married friends any different from single friends, anyway?

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