It's All Over but the 'Crying'

Isn't it great to be a USC football fan! Isn't it great to win the Pac-10 again? Isn't it great that we own this town again after another (ho-hum) victory over our cross-town rivals? Isn't life grand? . . . No!

I can't believe a team can accomplish so much in a season and everything it works for goes down the drain on the most basic, simplistic, and fundamental exercise like snapping the football.

What can we do to prevent this from happening again? Should we fire Coach Smith? Can we have Rodney Peete and John Katnik expelled from school? Why don't we shoot the horse?

Better yet, why don't we just admit to ourselves that a team made up of human beings made a critical mistake at a critical point in a crucial game. It stinks, it hurts and it shames. But, that's life.

So please don't write any of those vindictive letters that I get tired of reading every time the Trojans stumble. Or should I say fumble?



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