He Doesn't Have Yacht or Care About the Cup

The San Diego Yacht Club has decided to accept the challenge from the New Zealand crew. That means that we will get to see the event possibly as soon as this year. So what?!

Ever since Dennis Conner brought back the Cup, all we have heard about is the America's Cup race. They even have the nerve to say that it was a great event in sports history and a great symbol for the American people.

It is tough to identify with a sport that races multimillion-dollar boats. Baseball, basketball, golf and tennis are sporting events to me, and sports that I can identify with.

I, like all of us, have gone out and tried to hit a baseball and I have tried to swing a golf club, but I have never raced a yacht. In fact, I have never even been on a yacht, and I wonder how many of us have.

So why should we even care about the America's Cup defense coming early? If it happens now, next year or even in four years, it isn't going to matter to me; I don't and won't have the yacht necessary to see the race.


San Diego

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