Reflections of Humbuggery

In regard to Sullivan's comments about Mickey Rooney and me (see above), there are "people who need people," and who enjoy creative work and the fulfillment it gives to them both. The title can be "agent," "manager" or just a very good friend.

I never thought show business was all about "us," but clients like Mickey Rooney, Shelley Berman, Dody Goodman, Martha Raye, Gene Barry and many others have given me tribute in full page ads and on television and in interviews. I am deeply appreciative.

I have enclosed just a very few of the ads Mickey Rooney has taken for me. Those are his words, not mine. And the tribute to the world which he gave to me at the Oscars.

Sullivan knows, as a good writer, that there are many avenues of expression in the arts. We are all stars in our own right.


Los Angeles


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