Water Plan

I do not agree with your editorial "Water: Getting Serious" (Dec. 21) or Mayor Tom Bradley's plan. I think you and the government as usual attack the residents unfairly. I cite the following:

1. You omitted car washes.

2. You omitted those businesses that use water carelessly.

3. You omitted amusement parks.

4. You omitted golf courses that water lawns.

5. You omitted swimming pools.

5. You failed to mention the shortsighted policy that allowed unrestrained building development which led to the shortages and undercapacity of the sewers.

7. According to the people that predict water capacity capabilities, the recent rains and snow relieved the problem.

8. Lastly, you pick on residents first, because it is easier--they are more docile. You are afraid to go after big business water users. By the way, does your plant use water economically?

P.S. I have used bottled water for drinking for many years.



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