Channel Tunnel for ’93


Question: Are they really building a tunnel between England and France and will you be able to drive through it?

Answer: Work is starting on the Channel Tunnel, which will be completed in 1993; although built for trains only, special cars will carry motorists and their automobiles for the 31-mile journey.

Q: We’re going on a Swiss ski vacation. Does the rail service at the Zurich airport take you to some of the resorts?

A: You can go by train from the airport to all major ski areas, as well as check your equipment and luggage to your destination.


Q: With the falling dollar, is it cheaper to go abroad on a package tour?

A. Package tours are usually cheaper (but not always) than traveling on your own, which can involve booking and other expenses, plus the possibility of not being able to get the reservations you need. Have your agent compare group and individual costs.

Q. On our Eastern vacation we’d like to visit one of the Catskill Mountain resorts. Is Grossinger’s hotel still operating?

A. It’s being rebuilt for reopening in the spring. For a free travel hotel and guide, write to Sullivan County Office of Public Information, 100 North St., Monticello, N.Y. 12701.


Q. On our Pacific trip we’d like to visit Korea. Are tourists welcome there at this time?

A. South Korea is actively promoting tourism and the forthcoming Olympics. It’s enlarging hotel capacity and seeks both individuals and groups. For information, contact Korea National Tourism Corp., 510 W. Sixth St., Suite 323, Los Angeles 90014, phone (213) 623-1226.

Q. Being single, am I likely to find other singles on a cruise, and is there any way to get around the extra cost of the “single supplement?”

A. There are many singles aboard most cruises and the bigger the ship the better luck you’ll have, even though single women usually outnumber single men two to one. On some ships, officers reduce the ratio. Ask your agent to arrange share-basis cabins to cut expenses.

Q. Where do I find out if some of the popular ski areas have facilities for children, including nurseries, baby-sitting, instruction, etc.?

A. Many provide such services but often they must be reserved in advance. For what’s available here and abroad, write Travel With Your Children, 80 8th Ave., New York 10011, phone (212) 206-0688. A detailed guide for any five resorts selected costs $5.